​How to Use Notices to Mariners

If there is one thing common about mariners, it is the desire to return home safely after a day on the water.

Mariners have responsibility for those inside the boat, those inside other boats and those in the water.

Safety of waterway users is the genesis of this site. This is why you should use Notices to Mariners every time you venture into your waterways.

There are so many hazards in the waterways in which mariners travel. Many of these hazards are hidden. 

Official Paper Versions

To keep us safe on the water, government departments issue Notices to Mariners in government gazettes and websites.

It is not always easy to use notices to mariners issued by government departments. They contain all the details of the hazard but are often confusing.

There is something fundamentally wrong with that. These seem to be written more for bureaucratic purposes than to inform mariners.

To use notices to mariners quickly, we just want to know what and where a hazard is so we can avoid it.

Notices on Maps

use notices to mariners
Notices to Mariners present alerts as a PIN (1) on a MAP. Clicking on the pin brings up an alert box. 

The ALERT BOX contains
  • a brief LOCATION SUMMARY (2),
  • details of the EVENT including the starting and finishing date (3)
  • and a link to the official notice (4)

There is also a link to the CONDITIONS OF USE. 

You can choose either a GOOGLE MAPS option or a GOOGLE EARTH option.

Both with their pros and cons. Google Earth requires installation. Google Maps doesn't. Google Maps shows satellite or maps options. Google Earth doesn't. It really is a matter of preference.


Google Earth

use notices to mariners

Google Earth offers the user options to include on their notices to mariners.

Google Earth should be installed. CLICK HERE for help

This option is great for users who want specific detail in their Notices to Mariners.

To use notices to mariners with Google Earth simply select this Google Earth icon

Why Choose the Google Earth Option?

use notices to mariners
  • ​Google Earth allows the user to include a lot of details.
  • Google Earth is available as an APP

Google Maps

use notices to mariners

Google Maps is preinstalled on most devices including mobile smart devices.

Google Maps offers satellite and map views.

notices to mariners google maps sample

Why Choose Google Maps Option?

use notices to mariners
use notices to mariners
use notices to mariners
Google Maps
  1. needs no installation
  2. offers one-click maps, satellite and terrain views 
  3. moves and zooms easily.

Your Notices to Mariners

You have FREE unrestricted access for personal use (subject to Conditions of Use) to all Notices to Mariners for each general location for each state as defined.

Members Only Notices

Members can use Notices to Mariners specifically for their own area. Members Only sections are for specific areas and only for Members.