Notices to Mariners Wathumba to Double Island Point

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Notices to mariners wathumba to Double Island Point
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The Great Sandy Strait

Wathumba Creek

The nouth of Wathumba Creek can be a little tricky. You need to negotiate a few sand bars, which traverse the entrance to the creek. These constantly move so you need a good sounder and local knowledge also helps. It is best to enter or exit the creek from 2 hours either side of low tide. 

There are a couple of local markers in the creek but these are unofficial and you shoukd not rely on them being there. Tide times for Wathumba Creek are about minus 30 minutes against Urangan tides.

Wathumba Creek drains out on a low tide. However, there are a couple of deeper holes which may be suitable to anchor up. These tend to be on the the eastern side of Wathumba Spit. This location offers good protection from winds and swell.

The Great Sandy Strait is a 70 km Australian sand passage estuary separating mainland Queensland, from World Heritage listed Fraser Island.

great sandy straits

The straits stretches from Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay. The Mary River enters the Great Sandy Strait at River Heads. It covers an total of 932 square kilometres  

Commercial fishing is a major industry.

However, The Great Sandy Strait is best known for its tourism including boating and fishing. Each year in June the Bay to Bay yacht race is sailed on the Great Sandy Strait.

Boating visitors to The Great Sandy Straits are protected by the following groups

Coast Guard Tin Can Bay

the great sandy strait

VMR Hervey Bay

the great sandy strait
hervey bay

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