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The Great Sandy Strait is a 70 km Australian sand passage estuary separating mainland Queensland, from World Heritage listed Fraser Island.

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The strait stretches from Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay. The Mary River enters the Great Sandy Strait at River Heads. It covers an total of 932 square kilometres.

The Great Sandy Strait covers the waters between the Fraser Coast mainland and Fraser Island.

It is also home to a wide variety of marine and coastal wetlands, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, native woodlands and dense rainforests.

Within the Strait are townships of Tin Can Bay, Poona, Boonooroo, Rainbow Beach, Tuan and Tinnanbar.

The Great Sandy Strait offers ideal sailing opportunities and spectacular scenery. There are any number of fishing spots with sheltered bays, wide sand beaches and mangrove-lined creeks.

Wildlife is prolific with rare shorebirds breeding within the environs. Dolphins and dugongs graze on the seabeds. UNESCO recognise the straits as a unique biosphere.

One of the most spectacular spots within the straits is the Pelican Bank.

great sandy strait pelican bank

The turquoise waters and sparkling white sands of Pelican Bank make this an ideal location to anchor up and relax.

The Great Sandy Strait is easy to navigatable and well marked.  

Commercial fishing is a major industry.

However, The Great Sandy Strait is best known for its tourism including boating and fishing. Each year in June the Bay to Bay yacht race is sailed on the Great Sandy Strait.

Boating visitors to The Great Sandy Strait are protected by the following groups.

Coast Guard Tin Can Bay

the great sandy strait

VMR Hervey Bay

the great sandy strait
hervey bay

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