Members Get the BEST maps

Member Maps are personalised to the waterways in which ​members regularly travel. Narrow your map selection to your favourite areas. 

For example, you want Pumicestone Passage --> YOU GOT PUMICESTONE PASSAGE.

You want Sydney Harbour --> YOU GOT SYDNEY HARBOUR

You want Richmond River --> YOU GOT RICHMOND RIVER.



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This is for you if...

  • You want to KNOW ABOUT THE HAZARDS in the of waterways in which you travel
  • You prefer to be ALERTED to the DANGERS in your waterways BEFORE you FIND THEM.
  • You appreciate MAPS are betters than TEXTS
  • You want IMMEDIATE ACCESS available only to Members

   This is for you if you know that $4.95  per year is better than HITTING A HAZARD   

The Membership Difference

Free Membership

  • Google Maps View of the Area
  • Google Earth View of the Area

Executive Membership

  • Google Maps View of the Area
  • Google Earth View of the Area
  • Free Boating Essentials eBook
  • Free Essential Boating Knots eBook
  • Specialist Area Maps
  • Marine Weather Reports
  • You NAME the maps YOU want and choose the Area details
  • Specialist Area Details 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Links to relevant information reports
  • Boating and Rescue Organisation Details and Contacts
Boating Essentials

And Get This Book FREE

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    Members have access that non members don't. Simply nominate the areas you want, and the maps are yours.
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    Print them, Save them, View them on your phone or tablet. Show your passengers YOU CARE. 
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    Get immediate access to Member Only Maps updated daily for the areas in which you travel.
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    Don't miss any Notices to Mariners again. Be alerted immediately Notices to Mariners appears in your waterways.

Members are Winners! Protect Your Passengers, Other Waterways Users and Yourself. 

Members get


Personalised Maps

Maps for the waterways in which you travel.


Up to Date Alerts

Notices to Mariners are updated daily with maps produced as soon as a NTM appears.


Personal Alerts

Electronic Alerts to a device of your choice when a NTM appears


Members Only Sections

Access a wide range of Members Only Services and Resources


Be Appreciated

Be the Skipper Passengers appreciate for their attention to detail.


Speedier Zoom In

Don't waste time zooming in and out. YOURS Notices to Mariners Maps suits YOU.

Get instant access to our YOUR NOTICES TO MARINERS MAPS now!

If you are sick and tired of wading through bulky text documents to find the details of Notices to Mariners, you NEED Notices to Mariners on Maps. Become a MEMBER now.

Is it worth it?

$4.95 is a lot to spend each year. Agreed. $4.95 could buy you a small cup of coffee or 2 Sunday newspapers, a small happy meal or 1 bottle of water (at the movies). So yes. $4.95 spent on protecting you, you passengers and others on the waterways is a lot of money to spend. NOT!

I can get the same access for FREE. Agreed again. If you like moving Google Maps around with a mouse or your fingers then you could do the same thing for free. If you like zooming in and out and moving around and around, then FREE maps is for you. If you want instant access to your waterways, well ... $4.95 really isn't much.

I don't need to worry about  hazards - I have an aluminium boat.  I have no response to that comments.


This is Members Only Benefits.

Immediate access to specific area maps identifying Notices to Mariners for the waterways in which you travel.

The opportunity to ADD specific areas to your Members Only section. 

The benefit of receiving a range of MEMBERS ONLY specific maps as soon as available

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

If you don't like the Members Only benefits you will be refunded the full purchase price of $4.95, immediately.

No questions asked.



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

$4.95 per year? Seriously? What's the catch?

Can I pull out any time?

Why become a MEMBER when the Maps are FREE?

How often are the maps updated

Get instant access to your PERSONALISED MAPS now!

Show your boating mates that you take their safety, your safety and the safety of waterways users seriously!

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