When is the Best Time to Buy a Boat?

buy a boat

When the decision is made to buy a boat, timing can make all the difference to how much you pay and the boating deal you are offered.

Buy a boat at the right time and you may pay less than you had thought with a better deal than you had hoped. Do it at the wrong time, and you may end up paying more.


When to Buy a Boat

If you’re thinking whether or not to buy a boat, you should be mindful of the current market forces. Although, obviously, there are no hard and fast rules, there are seasons that can increase your chances of getting a good deal.

Autumn and winter seasons are usually the best times to buy a boat; and here is why:

Winter is Stock Clearing Time

During the colder months, boat dealers often look to offload some of their current boating stock to make room for the new stock of the upcoming season.

You may find some great deals because sellers are often more willing to offer discounts.

Some dealership offer promotional discounts or offer special inclusions,

Obviously the summer months are high demand months and the market is flush with potential buyers. Boat yards are full of eager, and cashed up, buyers. You have to compete for attention.

 During the colder months, sellers are competing for your attention. The shoe is on the other foot and sellers have to offer incentives to get noticed.

Boat Show Season

Many boat shows are held during the slow colder season.

There are a lot more boats to choose from and not a lot of buyers.

This is also an great time to check out what is currently on the market.

The bigger dealers often put on a very comprehensive displays. That takes effort. If they do not get a sale, they have to pack it all up and take it home.

Many dealers offer great deals for you to buy a boat, just so they don't have to take it home.

Better deals, lots of choices, better value are all available to crafty buyers.

Private Sales

During the colder months many boats are sitting in the yard. They may have been there all summer as well.

Owners suddenly realise they have an asset deteriorating. Their once "pride of possession" is falling apart.

They may also be encouraged by non-boating partners to get rid of the boat and exchange it for cash.

Boat owners don't like the costs involved in storing boats - mooring fees, registration costs, insurance and the like.

Vendors are more likely to accept lower prices to the opportunistic buyer.

Timing Can Be Everything

However, it doesn't matter what time of the year you want to buy a boat, a good deal and a great bargain can appear from nowhere.

Be alert and market-wise when you are looking to buy a boat.

Of course after buy a boat you will need to consider all the safety implications.