Seatbelts on the Boat Ramp! What the?

We all know boat ramps are problem areas for a range of issues. Boat Ramp rage, poor backing skills, lost gear, wayward trailer handles - But seat belts! Seriously?

Imagine you’ve been out in your boat for a pleasant day on the water. All you want to do is go home and clean the boat.

Your family are watching as you winch the boat up. You jump in the car and plan to move away from the boat ramp so you can tie the boat down, stow all the gear safely and get ready to head off down the highway.

You haven't even made it the road yet.

Do you put your seat belt on?

Mr Brand, a local boatie from Caloundra Queensland, like most of us didn’t put his seat belt on when moving away from the boat ramp.

That's when the cops pounced. As luck would have it, the cops were sitting at the top of the boat ramp.

And Mr Brand wore the brunt of their zealous actions for not wearing a seta

Mr Brand copped a $365 fine, and three demerit points off his license!

He argues, that it’s safer not to have a seatbelt on, in case the car ends up rolling backwards into the water and a quick escape is necessary.

Also, that it’s a carpark and not a designated road.

Senior Sergeant Mahony, from QLD Police argues;

“The legislation states that if the vehicle is in a forward motion on a road-related area then the seatbelt is to be worn. You do not have to wear a seatbelt if you are reversing, however, prior to the vehicle commencing a forward motion following a reversing action you have to wear a seatbelt.”

Whether you agree or not, the law is the law. Ensure you buckle up next time you make that 10 metre journey away from the boat ramp!