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Alert on an iPhone.

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Alert on an iPad.

Welcome to this FREE site, which conveniently plots the location of Notices to Mariners on Google Earth.

Currently it's just available for Queensland, Australia but, with community support, we may be able to cover other areas in time.

Next time you plan a trip anywhere along the Queensland coast think "WTH" - Weather, Tides, Hazards. There are plenty of sites for the first two but only this one (as far as we know) for the Hazards!

Now it's just as easy to check for Notices to Mariners as it is to check the weather or the tides!

This site will let you know about hazards well before you bump into them! Find underwater obstructions, changed depths, live firing and restricted areas easily by seeing them graphically on Google Earth.

* Find submerged objects before they find you!
* Locate restricted areas and save a fine!
* Stay well away from live firing zones.


All you need is a computer, an iPad or even just a smartphone and you'll be able to see any relevant warnings on a Google map, instead of having to wade through dozens of PDF documents from Government Departments!

Tip: We strongly recommend you install the full Google Earth application, available free from here. Then click the gold "View in Google Earth" button found on each regional page. This will give you the best viewing experience.

Who's behind it - and why?

We all know we should check the Notices to Mariners for our area every time we go out in the boat, just like we check the weather. But most of us don't because it's simply too hard. Trawling through long lists of announcements to find which ones are still current and which apply to our planned route takes time - and we'd rather just get out there!

There had to be a better way. Chris & Margi Mills of Bribie Island, Qld, had a boutique software business, Linx Software, and so developed a program called LinxMarine to collate the NTMs and then generate what is known as a "kml" file for each region. These files allow markers to appear in Google Earth as "LinxMarine Alerts". Since early 2017 Bob Brandis, also on Bribie Island, has volunteered his time to take on the project and has expanded it further.

Now it's actually fun (and quick) to check for any warnings before you head out on the water. And if it saves one life they will be well pleased!


Please spread the word

Please tell everyone you know who has a boat and feel free to let your Club, Association and Marine Rescue organisation know. If this all goes according to plan the service will be extended to other States - and who knows where?

But it will be driven by user-support and feedback so it's really important to us that we know you are using it. So, if you use it, please tell us!

Need other States or countries? Just let us know. If we can enlist the help of a few volunteers in those areas - and hopefully the support of the issuing authorities - then we'd be happy to provide our software free of charge.

STOP PRESS: One or two volunteers from Qld are currently being sought. All you need is a computer and a few minutes a day to help the boating fraternity (oh, and a keen attention to detail!) It would be ideal for someone who would normally want to join a marine rescue organisation but can't for one reason or another. For more information please contact us via the Feedback form.

We would also appreciate your feedback - good, bad or otherwise. Don't be shy - let us know what you think and what we could do better! Just click the Feedback link wherever you see one.


Recent Feedback

"It is really great & I will pass it on to others in our Zone & squadron.  So much easier than wading through MSQ notices where the pdf files are not always in the order specified in the header."
- Zone President, Marine Rescue Qld


"As President of Volunteer Marine Rescue ... I have found this information very useful and I am sure members of my Squadron will also benefit from it."
- President, VMR Squadron, SE Qld


" certainly seems to be very easy to use and makes it obvious what is relevant to a particular area."
- Secretary, Marine Rescue Squadron, SE Qld


"This will be a great aid for anyone going boating, as the vast majority of people on the water would not even know that 'Notices to Mariners' even exist!"
- Vice President, VMR Squadron, Brisbane 


"... your site would be of great assistance, especially in our radio room."
- Vice Captain, Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, Central Qld


"I have saved your site in my favourites.  I love the convenience and ease of use."
- Wayne Lamb, Robinson Cruises, Raby Bay


"I have just had a look at your LinxMarine Alerts and it looks like it is a very handy product."
- Disaster Management Co-ordinator, Regional Council, SE Qld


"Just wanted to let you know that a cruising yachty finds this a fabulous service and to wish you every success. An essential website."
- Ted C., Central Qld


"Absolutely love this website. So much easier to find relative NTM."
- Shane Turner, VMR Mackay, Qld